Saturday, 16 November 2013

Homemade Christmas Cards - pinhole greatness

I came across an amazing wild strawberry leaf made by a number of needle pokes through paper. It's simple, yet stylish -  a beautiful piece of art. I am not much of an artist but I thought, "I am going to try that" and being practical I decided to do Christmas cards and have them ready to be sent when time comes. 
The process requires patience but I found it somewhat calming. Poke by poke and blank cards were covered with snowflakes, Christmas trees and greetings - formed by pinholes.  

1. To make the pinhole cards you will need:
- Blank cards;
- Some templates if wanted;
- Adhesive tape to hold the template;
- A pin;
- A soft surface (I used a computer mouse pad).

Additional supplies:
- Coloured paper for card insert;
- Glue;
- Cutting board;
- Paper cutter.

2. Place the template over a blank card or two (N. B. the hand cramps up quicker when pushing through more than two cards). Use some tape if you want the template to stay firm on the card.
3. Then... oh joy... poke the holes in the card following the template. N.B. Lower quality paper is easier to tear up when poking. A cotton paper might be a perfect choice - a wild strawberry leaf was pinholed on such. 

4. Cut out the insert of a wanted size and glue it to the card. 

5. That is all. Enjoy your handmade card and send that joy to your beloved ones with the warmest greetings.

6. And do as many cards as your hand allows ;)


  1. Love it! Where did you get the snowflake templates?

    1. Thank you. Me too :) I was browsing the internet for templates. I emailed you some of them I used. Happy pin holing!

    2. Eva, would you mind sharing the link here in the comments? I am having a hard time finding a template as pretty as the ones you used. Thanks!

    3. Hi Krystal, thank you for giving this great idea for sharing the templates! I should have thought of this earlier. I have created another post and uploaded some images.

    4. Hi there I absolutely love your card idea im gonna make one of these for my girlfriend! Could you tell me where I could buy some good paper to do this and send me some links for the snowflake templates! my email is! Thanks again so much! Have a blessed holiday! Adam Phelps from Connecticut!!!

  2. Hi Adam. It is so sweet of you to handcraft the card for your girlfriend! I am sure she will love it. I was using simple white 250gsm stock cards bought in UK's superstore Hobbycraft. I know that weighting measures are different in the USA so i think 90LB Cover would be an approx. equivalent of 250gsm. It might be something like this but I cannot find the weight written. I am sure Walmart also has those. Thinner paper would also be fine. These look lovely
    You could also have a look at local craft stores where you would be able to touch the paper. I wish I could be more precise on the stores' names but the last time I was in the USA was 7 years ago and so cannot remember any store name, except Walmart and Staples :). Sorry.
    Some of the templates I used are here:

    Please Adam share your beautiful handcrafted cards on FB or send me an email. I would love to see your work.

    Have a very happy and cozy Holidays!

  3. Thank you so much, I saw one of these and it didn't have any instructions, I thought it could be done with a pin. So glad I came across your tutorial.